The African Youth League provides a platform for African students to express their culture

The African Youth League Council of Ambassadors and Board of Directors at their annual event, African Night, on January 29. Credit: Courtesy of Fresco Views

With a large student population of African descent in Ohio State, an on-campus organization is working to promote resources for these students to connect to their culture.

The African Youth League, a student organization, seeks to bring African culture to the forefront of campus culture through meetings and events, including African Night, a themed showcase of African music, dance and poetry. .

Suzan Mchao, a third-year political science student and co-president of the club, said that despite an increase in the number of black students at university, there had yet to be a large community dedicated to African culture.

“It’s hard to find other Africans who have that specific identity and experiences like you, but we try to provide that,” Mchao said.

Mchao said that since its founding in 1994, the group has promoted unity among Africans.

“The African Youth League is meant to bring together the diaspora of African students on campus,” Mchao said.

Joshua Boamah, a fifth-year civil engineering student and co-chairman of the group, said that in addition to uniting African students, the organization aims to promote and maintain African culture and raise community awareness.

“We are trying to integrate cultures from all different regions of the continent through different general assemblies until our biggest event,” Boamah said.

Boamah said the club provides opportunities for African students to bring their country’s cultures together into a larger group.

“We do a lot to make sure everyone is included,” Boamah said.

The African Youth League holds annual general meetings and events, such as Up A Bae, an annual game show event where members of the public ask bachelors and singles a series of questions to determine the winning pairs, and the profits support choice philanthropy, according to its website. .

The group’s general meetings, which take place on Thursdays at 7 p.m., offer presentations on African cultures, including growing up in an African homemovie and quiz nights, depending on the African Youth League website.

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