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After more than 15 years in the K-pop game, Super Junior is here to reassure fans that the boy band has no plans to leave. In fact, their new music comes in multiple chapters to prove the point.

The latest volume of new music, The Road: Carry On The 11th Album Vol. 1, unveiled on July 12, is packed with messages intended to lift the spirits of listeners over the summer and lift the spirits of their longtime fans, affectionately referred to as ELF for Ever Lasting Friends.



See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

“The title of the album The Road: Keep Going talks about how far Super Junior has come and how we will continue,” member Siwon said. Billboard. “It’s an album that tells the story of Super Junior’s present, includes a message from Super Junior now, as well as how we’re moving forward. By following this path, we hope you’ll also look forward to Flight. 2 from the album, which will be released later.

Member Ryeowook adds that he “would like our fans to feel the energy of Super Junior again” after the group last reunited in March for their slower, more sentimental. The road: winter for spring. He says, “We always want to share bright and positive energy, and I hope our fans can get rid of their stress and be happy while listening to our music. I believe the light energy we have is only what Super Junior can show, and all of our tracks on this album carry that. It was nice to work with such a great team of songwriters, so I hope everyone enjoys this album.

Led by a sweet new single “Mango”, keep on going lets listeners know where SuJu is at. Read on for more commentary and behind-the-scenes info from the members themselves.

1. “Mango”

LEETEUK: Just as someone might crave mangoes in the hot summer, “Mango” is an exciting track that is well suited for the summer season and people will remember every summer. I think mangoes are an attractive type of fruit because they are more refreshing and sweeter than others. Much like a sweet mango for a loved one, the lyrics of “Mango” are a confession of wanting to become an oasis in a hot desert for a lover, expressed through the keyword mango.

KYUHYUN: It’s a very simple piece about wanting to become love, an oasis in the desert, for someone looking for love.

SIWON: “Mango” is one of my favorites on the album. I tend to have a little more fondness for the songs on our albums because those are the ones we train and prepare for the most; it’s always the most memorable.

LEETEUK: It’s probably because it’s been a while since we got together as a full band, but recording this together in the studio reminded me of our good old days. “Mango” being such a rhythmic and exciting track, we also had a lot of fun recording it.

KYUHYUN: I was assigned the last part of the track and because I’m more used to singing ballads, I ended up singing it with a ballad tone during band practice — the members laughed a lot from me for turning a dance piece into a ballad.

2. “Don’t Wait”

SHINDONG: “Don’t Wait” is a catchy track that matches the vibe of Super Junior and will boost your confidence before you confess to a loved one. The lyrics are playful and I think it’s a track that also suits Super Junior’s cheerful performance on stage. To explain the concept of the music video, the members of Super Junior are divided into two groups, the dandies versus the badass, and they compete in a dance contest in order to impress the lady. But the lady turned out to be… LEETEUK. How sad! It probably wasn’t what the director had in mind but, starting with myself, we all got a bit competitive to be funny. So the behind the scenes story would be that we worked hard to make the scenes funnier and we couldn’t stop laughing throughout!

3. “My Wish”

YESUNG: “My Wish” is a pop ballad with a sibilant sound that sets the tone for this album. It’s a song that expresses the desire to always be with a loved one and speaks beautifully of our hopes for everyone who listens to be happy and want to give them strength.

LEETEUK: “My Wish” is one of my favorite songs from this album. It has a nice melody and is a bit sentimental, giving off a very romantic vibe.

DONGHAE: The track was great from the start [demo version], but it was even better when we heard the final version after all of our members finished recording. For me, it’s one of the songs on this album that stands out the most.

YESUNG: I spent a lot of time thinking and practicing this piece before recording. Although there were some parts that turned out a little differently than I had imagined, I recorded this track thinking of all the people with us who would listen to this song, so it was very meaningful. I hope everyone, including our fans, will gain some strength from listening to “My Wish” and reminisce about good memories while feeling love and hope.

4. “Everyday”

EUNHYUK: “Everyday” is an alternative rock track with rhythmic electric guitar and an addictive melody. It’s an exciting, easy-to-sing type of song with lyrics that express an overflowing heart towards a loved one in a concise yet cute way where “Everyday” isn’t enough to express that love.

RYEOWOOK: There is a part in the lyrics that goes along the lines of “I love this moment with you, I always want you, the answer is always you.” We sang this song with the idea of ​​being with our ELF, so when you feel down, or even when you feel happy, I hope you will think of Super Junior and find strength.

5. “Always”

DONGHAE: “Always” is a song that speaks of the promise we made to our fans to always be by their side. It’s a message that we stand with our fans and our fans stand with us, expressing the love and affection we have and how much we both need each other.

EUNHYUK: I really like how the lyrics are for our fans. It’s actually a track that is dear to me because I was able to participate in writing the lyrics and in doing so, express more of the heart we have for our fans.

RYEOWOOK: I have to say that I’m very excited to perform “Always” live because it’s a track that really shows Super Junior’s voice. If you listen to the lyrics carefully, you can feel the love we have for our fans. Especially for the high notes, we tried to hit them clearly so our fans could feel that surge of energy when listening.

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