The Benford Company Partners with Homestead Entertainment to Distribute Slate Featuring Top BIPOC Talent

LOS ANGELES, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Grammy-winning film and music producer Vassal Benford has partnered with Homestead Entertainment, a leading black-owned film distribution and production company, for a series of projects across a broad spectrum genres, including sports and music. Homestead will handle worldwide distribution of the films acquired through the partnership.

The first films to be distributed through the partnership are a feature film about NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain and a companion behind-the-scenes documentary to Universal Picture’s BB King biopic “The King Of The Blues,” which Benford is starring in. also executive producer. .

The Benford Company’s TBC Sports Entertainment division will curate sports-centric content for the deal, in coordination with USMI, led by directors Vassal Benford and Torrel Harris Sr. respectively. Benford’s collaboration with Homestead will bring sports offerings and documentaries based on and featuring the stories of top sporting talent.

“Vassal has an incredible track record of success in all areas of the entertainment industry. We look forward to working with him and his team to bring great content from new and known talent to the world,” said Sean Armstrongdirector at Homestead Entertainment.

“I couldn’t think of a better partner to align myself with than Homestead Entertainment, given their leadership position in consistently delivering premium content for black audiences,” Benford said.

Benford, a highly successful multi-hyphenation creation, found success in the music, television and film industries.

Vassal Benford has scored and produced many well-known projects. Most recently, the Benford exec produced Netflix’s top streaming movie series ‘After’ and ‘After We Collided’ which have grossed over $150 million at the box office.

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About Homestead Entertainment
The 100% black-owned and operated distribution and production company was founded in 2020 with a mission to produce and fairly distribute content from traditionally underrepresented creators. With a focus on the stories of people of color, the co-founders Leonard Burnett Jr., Sean Armstrong, Rob Johnson and Dennis Reed II are dedicated to empowering creators who have never had access to filmmaking and distribution opportunities.

Homestead enables independent filmmakers to bring their vision to life and bring projects to international audiences without giving up full financial control of their intellectual property. With fair deal structures, Homestead prioritizes the filmmaker’s ability to reap deserved financial compensation for their creative work.

Homestead’s catalog contains over 200 titles that have been distributed through relationships with tubi foxComcast, Black Experience on XFinity, Amazon Prime, Amazon Freevee, Peacock, XUMO, Redbox, Vudu, etc.

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About the Benford Company
The Benford Company is a full-service entertainment company, home to various branches such as artist management, production, films, brand licensing, publishing, intellectual property and immersive technology concepts.

The Benford Company’s divisions, Pac Sports Entertainment and TBC Group Corporate Management (a full-service multimedia entertainment, music, film, 4D technology, concert, estate and sports management company), both based in Los Angelesrepresent the famous superstar boxer Manny Pacquiao and iconic legendary blues artist BB King, his estate and the BB King music companies. Benford companies generated more than 400 million US dollars in revenue, currently with companies such as Universal and Warner Bros.


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