The Happy Fits Drop Dance Alone Summer Soundtrack E! News UK

Rising alternative rockers The Happy Fits have released their new single, “Dance Alone”.

The Brooklyn trio – consisting of Ross Monteith, Calvin Langman and Luke Davis – achieve their unique sound using cello, drums and guitars without bass.

On the uplifting, summer-worthy number, they sing, “The heart races / You’re to blame / I can’t find the words to say / I’ll never understand / How no one was there to hold your hand / Now I’m gonna lose a chance / I just wanna ask you for that dance / ‘Cause I don’t wanna dance alone tonight.”

Speaking of the track, Ross said, “It’s easy to say exactly what you want to someone in your mind, but the feelings can be a lot harder to express when you’re face to face with them in real life. This song is an example of my inner dialogue in the face of this exact situation; a love song full of doubt.”

Calvin said, “Everything about this song is a beautiful reflection of Ross’ pure soul.”

The undeniably catchy chorus and those hard-hitting lyrics, “I don’t wanna dance alone,” happened as if by accident.

Luke recalls: “Late one night, as we were all packing our bags, still torn about the idea of ​​the chorus, Ross almost blurted out jokingly ‘I don’t want to dance alone’. The whole room fell apart. stopped and we all waited a few moments before jumping in straight away jamming along to the tune for nearly an hour. This chorus really brought the rest of the song’s vibe together and became a personal favorite for us. all !”

Calvin added: “It felt so good to put into words how many, many lonely nights in quarantine have been spent, wishing we were back on the streets dancing carefree.”

The latest track from The Happy Fits follows last month’s “Changes”.

The hugely popular outfit is currently taking part in the second leg of the ‘What Could Be Better’ North American tour, with support from Sarah and The Sundays.

They also support The Maine on their spring tour of the United States.

Stream and download ‘Dance Alone’ on all major streaming platforms now.

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