US music industry experts interact with local singers in Mcleodganj : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Lalit Mohan

Dharamsala, July 8

To inform local female singers of the growing opportunities and avenues in the music industry, three women working in the music industry in the United States interacted with them at Mcleodganj here on Thursday. Katherine Turman, a freelance music journalist, Jenny Douglas, who works with an artist management company, and Rachel Field, a sound engineer, met singers from the Gaddi, Gorkha and Tibetan communities at an event organized by Kangra Arts Promotion Society at Tailu restaurant.

Katherine, while speaking to The Tribune, said they were in the city as part of a US Embassy and Union Government program to encourage Indian women in the industry of the music. Katherine said they have attended similar conferences in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to inform aspiring female singers about various opportunities in the global music industry.

“The music industry across the world was a multi-billion industry and Indian women can definitely play a major role in it. We will stay in regular contact with some of the artists we interacted with and continue to mentor them,” she said.

Meanwhile, Douglas, who has fronted numerous metal bands around the world, said that as India’s music industry grew, it was not just an opportunity for international artists to perform here, but also for local artists to go global. “During our tour, we met many women and guided them regarding professional opportunities in the music industry. As in most parts of the world, there is also a gender bias in the Indian music industry , but women are challenging this practice,” she said.

She further stated that proper management of upcoming Indian music bands can provide many opportunities for Indian women in the music industry.

Speaking of diversity, Rachel said, “Each part of the country has its own unique music. In today’s world of social media, no one knows when and where great music can reach audiences and go global. There was a lot of fusion music going on around the world. Mangolian Throat music has been merged into music produced in many Western countries. Likewise, Punjabi music was gaining popularity in the west, she added.

Kangra Arts Promotion Society President Dr Akshay Runchal said it was a great opportunity for local women to interact with successful women in the global music industry.


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