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Reveille Bridge, a Norman veterans organization, will host a free event at Thunderbird Lake on Saturday for veterans, active duty, reservists, first responders and their families to celebrate their dedication to the country and the community.

The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the South Dam Pavilion and will feature free food, drinks, snacks, loot bags and live music. The event will also feature games and lake activities such as fishing and swimming, organizers said.

The people who run Reveille Bridge want to become a “hub” for mental health services for veterans and help them move from active duty to civilian life and from the fight against homelessness back on their feet, said the CEO Lee Roberts.

“When we have a physical location, it’s going to be a place where they can build camaraderie with other veterans, have support groups with other veterans and so on,” Roberts said. “As for the homeless, we have to house several homeless veterans, no matter what situation they find themselves in, and we put them through a four-month camp, guiding them to section eight housing. with [Housing and Urban Development], helping them find jobs and stuff like that.

The event will help the community build camaraderie with each other and raise awareness of the mental health issues veterans face on a daily basis, Roberts said.

“This event will provide entertainment for the veteran community and introduce more and more people,” he said. “And, coincidentally, this will celebrate the end of our 20-year war on terrorism, and September 11 was also a coincidence. So we’ll include that.

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