Video of Charlamagne saying Jews run Hollywood and music industry resurfacing after calling Kanye West a ‘Nazi’ for anti-Semitic slurs

Kanye recently made controversial comments in a video this spread on social networks this month, declaring that the Jews who are in power in the media “have bought the black voice”. It seems that Charlamagne shared the same opinion 9 years ago in an interview he allegedly had with VladTv.

“You know why there aren’t a lot of Jewish rappers? Because there are Jewish owners and Jewish CEOs,” Charlamagne can be seen saying in an old interview. “They run these labels, they’re bosses. That’s why.” The interviewer then asks about Kanye’s statement, saying, “What did Kanye say, he said uh, ‘Happy Kwanzaa to all the artists and Happy Hanukkah to all the label execs.’ To which Charlamagne replied, “It’s the truth! They run the business, period, from Hollywood to the music industry – everything. And, I mean, it’s, uh, a very powerful mafia, as it should be.”

“You can’t speak ill of a Jewish person because they have organizations and it’s a tightly knit group of people in power who will overthrow you – same with gays. You can’t say anything bad for gays because they move as a unit. Black people don’t have that,” he added.

Just recently, Charlamagne attended a Zoom interview with Newsweekwhere he called Kanye a “Nazi.” “It’s one of those times for me, it’s like [West] gone too far. Like anti-black, anti-Semitic rhetoric: Brother, you’re a Nazi. We don’t have time for that right now,” Charlamagne said. Newsweek. The radio host also thinks that Kanye won’t “be here much longer” due to his actions. in a new Brilliant idiots podcast episode, Charlamagne talks about Kanye’s behavior. “He has to start really leaning on God. Because nothing he does is from God,” he says. “I hope that’s what helps him to go for real healing because he’s clearly in pain. I don’t see it ending well. I feel like he’s moving like a person who doesn’t feel like he’s going to be here much longer.”

Charlamagne has yet to respond to comments he allegedly made in the old interview.

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