What our post-sales purchases say about our mood

The pair hit sales ahead of a trip to the three-day Tabula Rasa music festival in Hamilton in the southwestern state for New Years Eve – a reunion event for their friends who haven’t been to a festival for two years.

Zainab Ali, 29, bought new outfits for her whole family in Zara during this week’s sales.Credit:Paul Jeffers

“We were going to get a $ 50 tent at Kmart or Big W, but they were sold out,” Brown said.

The couple ended up buying a discounted tent, air mattress, sleeping bag and sun hat from Aussie Disposals.

“It was pretty good – I wasn’t looking forward to spending hundreds of dollars on a tent,” Brown said. “I’ll probably have it for the rest of my life too.”

Personal clothing will top the list of the most popular items bought by Australians in sales, according to a Commonwealth Bank survey, which showed that 36% of all planned purchases are for wardrobe items.

Technology will come in second, followed by appliances and home furnishings in third, with buyers expecting to shell out an average of $ 557 each in sales this week, up 14% from what people say they spent $ 487 a year ago. .

While popular categories during sales tended to stay the same year over year before the pandemic, Ms Lamb said personal attire was generally not as high as this year.

Best friends Jen Osborne and Natalie Daniel, of Camberwell, were among those shopping for a new post-containment wardrobe during this week’s sales.

“I had shoes for the summer because last summer came and went and we were all nervous and didn’t do much,” Ms. Osborne said, speaking to Age in a bustling Bourke Street mall.

“Today I bought sandals, earrings to go out, dresses to go out,” she laughs. “And lipstick because every woman needs a signature lipstick.”

Ms Daniel, who like her best friend is a high-level executive in a corporate workplace, said she bought a new wardrobe during the sales because the dress code in her office had changed. away from blazers and heels during the pandemic.

Best friends Jen Osborne and Natalie Daniel spend their first shopping spree together at the post-Christmas sales at Bourke Street Mall.

Best friends Jen Osborne and Natalie Daniel spend their first shopping spree together at the post-Christmas sales at Bourke Street Mall.Credit:Paul Jeffers

“It used to be very corporate and a lot of heels. But what you can wear is different because it’s fallen off and you’re a lot more dressed up for your day, ”she said.

“So I bought some dress sneakers that you can wear with a nice dress and a denim jacket and wear them to the workplace – where you never could before. ”


According to Commonwealth Bank survey data, men were looking to spend more on average than women ($ 646 versus $ 459) and parents with one or two children were expected to spend $ 731 on average.

There are other differences in sales this year – there has been a 25% increase in online sales this year compared to last year, and people tend to enter and exit stores faster with it. mask warrants in place, according to the association of retailers.

A spokeswoman for David Jones said brightly colored evening dresses, jewelry and evening shoes were among their bestsellers this week, along with colorful home goods, luggage and swimwear. lively.

Kmart also saw in-demand children’s, male and female swimmers, along with beach towels, toys, fans, drink bottles, and lunch boxes.

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