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You’ve probably heard the song “Pompeii” on the radio or anywhere really. The first time I heard this was in the trailer for “Mr. Peabody and Sherman” released in 2014. I had heard the song before, but decided to listen more to the music from the The second song I listened to was “Things We Lost In The Fire.” I got hooked right away.

After being a fan for seven years, I was delighted to learn that September 9 of this year marked the fifth anniversary of the band’s second album, “Wild World”. This album allowed me to go to college, which means it helped me a lot.

The album was released just before the 2016 presidential election, which is ironic since Bastille hails from London, and it chronicles how corrupt politicians and the mainstream media are.

It goes through themes of despair, anger, loss and fear. The band changes their sound with each album, and this album is very rock with a diverse set of sounds. It’s a totally different sound from their first album, “Bad Blood”, which seems very hollow compared to “Wild World”.

I remember seeing them in concert on November 29, 2018. I wish I had waited a bit, however, since their next album “Doom Days” was released a year later in 2019. I wish I had seen this tour because it is is my favorite. album. The entire album goes through a night during an “apocalyptic house party”, meant to signify escape from the world that is currently collapsing around us.

This album shows themes of love, euphoria, dread and loneliness. It is a very interpretable album since the lyrics are quite literal and detail the thoughts or feelings of the protagonist rather than what is happening around him.

Comparing the album to “Wild World”, this album is much more about abandonment than about struggling with the situation of the world. Band frontman Dan Smith explained that people go to concerts to escape the world around them, so it felt bad to push political and social issues in their face during the “Wild World Tour”. This album is more of an “excuse” for the album.

While their fourth album has yet to be released or announced, the new singles definitely form the theme of the new album. They are very “Black Mirror”, they talk about how we allow technology to take over our lives because of a need to get away from us; if you couldn’t tell, escape is a big theme in all of their music. The new album has a lot more synths and is definitely more of a futuristic sound.

If you are looking to listen, I recommend that you don’t start with their debut album. Their sound has changed dramatically since then, and while it’s a great album, they definitely grew from where they started, both as musicians and as people.

Ian Stobaugh is a German major freshman. He can be contacted at 581-1812 or [email protected]

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