Young Producers Reap the Benefits of the Business of Music Accelerator Program

From the looks of things and judging by a recent music program, which elevated a group of young producers into enterprising entrepreneurs, there seems to be bright prospects on the horizon for budding local artists. .

Ten young Saint Lucian music producers have successfully completed the Business of Music Accelerator program run by the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund – SSDF.

Each producer won $10,000 after successfully pitching their business ideas to a panel of judges.

Leading up to this final evaluation, 13 exciting young music producers had the opportunity to pitch their ideas to the Business of Music Accelerator program funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), through the SSDF.

The six-month business training program was coordinated locally by the SSDF – in conjunction with the St. Lucia Development Bank (SLDB) and the St. Lucia Coalition of Services Inc.

The winners of the pitching competition were:

Runny Gordon, Lara Gustave, Malana Stephen, Onarcisse Alexander, Kerwin Bowers, Jared Pollard, Jervaise Antoine, O’Lerry Alfred, Ezra Mc. Dowell and Chris Henry. Each walked away with a $10,000 cash prize to fund their dream music projects.

The funds will be managed and disbursed by SLDB – through its Pass Through Facility.

Yvonne Agard – Executive Director – St. Lucia Coalition of Services Inc. recognized the hard work and dedication that the young participants undertook to make this happen.

“You’ve worked hard and made the necessary sacrifices to grow from being ‘creative’ to now understanding the business side of the industry you’re a part of,” Agard said.

Several consultants and mentors were involved in preparing the young producers for the pitch competition. The training was broadened to ensure that it met the development needs of the participants.

“You started off with technical vocational training in the creatives, but through the wisdom of the project coordinator…as well as the Caribbean Development Bank, they realized and it was important that you had exposure to the ‘opportunity to grow your product and grow your business,’ John Victorine, SSDF deputy director, told Young Producers.

Malene Joseph, Creative Industries Investment Fund Project Consultation Coordinator [CIIF] CBD – urged participants to capitalize on a wider regional and international market.

Said Joseph: “I urge you, each participant, to see yourselves as part of the regional ecosystem where every contribution to the music industry has its place, and each of you has a role to play in engendering excellence. and opportunities for the entire industry.”

Lavern Louard-Greaves, CDB’s social analyst, was one of the people involved in conceptualizing the Business of Music Accelerator program. She hopes the initiative will attract support from other private sector agencies to ensure its longevity.

Louard-Greaves explained, “Not only does this mechanism provide funding to its participants, but we hope it will also serve as advice to financial center and creative industries entities that there are workable modalities in which relevant support and necessary can be provided and accessible.

Adrian Augier, award-winning author, actor and poet was part of the jury responsible for evaluating the 13 musicians who entered the pitch competition. He gave some advice to young artists on how to present clear and succinct business ideas for funding.

“People who sometimes had the simplest plan and were clear about what they were trying to achieve, tended to do better than the pope who had multiple things,” Augier noted.

The CIIF Music Accelerator is a 21-day training session grouped into three modules and open to artists, performers, labels, publishers, producers and aggregators from all genres in the Caribbean music industry whose business is registered in the one of the member states of CARICOM.

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