Yout blocked again in Brazil following criminal complaint for copyright infringement

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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Yout feed-pulling site is on lockdown again in Brazil because prosecutors in the country have filed a criminal complaint against the service.

It’s all part of the music industry’s ongoing battle against stream ripping, services that allow users to grab permanent downloads of temporary streams. In some countries, music industry trade groups have sent cease and desist letters to, or in fact sue, streaming sites, often forcing such sites to go offline. But in Brazil, the music industry trade group APDIF instead filed a complaint against various stream-ripping outfits with the country’s prosecutor’s office.

The PPO began investigating these outfits and, as part of that process, obtained a web blocking injunction against the sites APDIF had complained about, including Yout. This has forced internet service providers nationwide to block access to stream pulling sites.

However, the initial web blocking injunction only lasted 180 days, and after that time expired, lawyers working for Yout requested that the web block be lifted. The PPO requested an extension while it continued its investigation, but in May this year the São Paulo Criminal Court ruled that such an extension was not warranted because prosecutors had so far failed to file no criminal charges against Yout et al.

This meant that Yout was again available in Brazil. But not anymore. According to Torrentfreak, the PPO has now filed a criminal complaint against Yout, prompting another web blocking order in the country.

It is not uncommon for websites to be blocked – or taken down altogether – as soon as copyright lawsuits are filed against site operators accused of copyright infringement, even though these cases have not. not yet heard by the courts. MegaUpload and KickassTorrents were removed from the internet as soon as the criminal charges were confirmed, with both cases pending trial.

However, some would argue that this is not fair and that it is essentially a “culpable until proven guilty” approach. This is also the position of Yout operator Jonathan Nader, who tweeted earlier this week: “I learned today, under Brazilian criminal law, that you are considered guilty until there is a conviction that acquits you. Good to know”.

As for the criminal case against Yout and its operator, the prosecution would require the extradition of American citizen Nader to Brazil. With the MegaUpload and Kickass cases, these were being pursued in the United States, but so far, the extradition of the operators of the said sites from their bases in New Zealand and Eastern Europe has proved to be very delicate. .


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