YouTube Music recommendations now creep into Android’s Quick Settings

Photo credit: Alvaro Reyes

YouTube Music recommendations now slide into Android 12’s Quick Settings. Here’s how the feature works.

First spotted by 9to5Googlethe recommendations appear when a user connects an audio device such as a Bluetooth headset or speaker. The YouTube Music icon appears with three recently played tracks, albums, or playlists.

The new feature aims to make YouTube Music analogous to Android devices, especially Google’s Pixel series. Samsung has already partnered with Spotify for its default music streaming service; a significant advantage for Spotify. Samsung order around 24% market share from the Android ecosystem only.

YouTube Music recommendations consistently appear after connecting headphones on Android 12 devices. Some Spotify users even report seeing them, so they’re not limited to Google’s ecosystem. The design of the recommendations notification resembles that of Google Assistant’s Listen Again shelf.

Don’t like the new YouTube Music recommendations on Android 12? Here’s how to turn them off.

You can prevent these new notifications from appearing on your device by following these simple steps.

  1. Open the ‘Settings‘app and press ‘sound and vibrations.’
  2. Scroll to ‘Media’ section and disable ‘View media recommendations.’

These YouTube Music recommendations should no longer appear as a quick setting on your device. If you want to turn them back on at any time, you’ll need to turn the feature back on.

Google must rethink how it handles speaker connections after a legal dispute with Sonos. Sonos sued Google for patent infringement, alleging the giant stole its patented multi-room speaker technology for its own Chromecast devices.

To comply with an ITC ruling, Google has already made changes to its smart speakers. Users now have to adjust speaker volume individually rather than by group. Users also lost the ability to change the volume using the phone’s physical volume button. Casting functions have also been affected on non-Google smart devices with built-in Chromecast, such as those from Lenovo and JBL.

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